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Workshop in Kinshasa

Students of Académie des Beaux-Arts Kinshasa at the H-O-P-E workshop

We started our workshop at Académie des Beaux-Arts Kinshasa right at the day after my arrival. It is a difficult time here: The election of the president of R.D. Congo takes place, and there is a lot tention in the air. On next tuesday, 6 December, the results will be anounced on television, and on this and on the next day, it is wise to stay at home. In the workshop, we are a group of 10 young men and one female student.

H-O-P-E in Berlin Moabit

H-O-P-E at Ortstermin Kunstevents, Berlin Moabit 24. -25. 9. 2011. Talks and video improvisations, in front of a reproduction of the famous mural painting at the UN security council hall in New York. Further events and workshops in R.D.Congo and in Cambodia are in preparation. The results of these events become part of an interactive video installation, part of the exhibition UNITED NATIONS REVISTED, takes place  at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Berlin, Galerie M, Berlin and Kunstverein Bonn in Germany in 2012.

Next event: In front of Galerie M in Berlin Marzahn, 26. Oktober 2012.

Open Call

This is an open call for artists, writers, musicians, creatives of all kind from anywhere worldwide: Partizipate in the art project H-O-P-E !!!

H-O-P-E is an interactive installation for an exhibition UNITED NATIONS REVISITED in 2012 in Berlin. The project is inspired by a wall painting from 1950 by the norwegian artist Per Krogh inside the UN Security Council in NYC. My idea is to “remix” the painting in short video loops, and develop them together with people from all over the world, in workshops, talks, events.
I need your help! Become part of the  H-O-P-E  project, partizipate!
1 – think of the United Nations today
2 – something you get in your mind, good or bad?
3 – have a look at the wall painting
4 – select a part of it you like
5 – develop an idea how to express your thoughts in this part of the painting
6 – go wild, make sessions + workshops
7 – send ideas, pictures, sounds by email
8 – if you need help, i will animate your ideas!
Any questions? Need a high resolution picture? please, let me know!
best wishes,
Alfred Banze

Your World ?

This video reveals the scope and impact of the UNs work focusing principally on peace and security, development and human rights. It highlights the UNs role as a forum for united action for the common good, and for building partnerships to address problems that know no borders, like natural disasters and climate change.

Preview: H-O-P-E 1/20

A preview on a first module of the  H-O-P-E  installation. It was realized at a workhop in january 2011 with students Prof. Amrit Chusuwan at the Silpakorn University in Bangkok. The short video focus on the situation while the riots in Bangkok in 2010, when advisors of the UNITED NATIONS were invited to Thailand.

UN´s role in West Papua

R.D. Congo Crisis History


United Nations 21 Century

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